What does it mean to be a Professional Association

The Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness is the professional association for those disciplines that use muscle monitoring and/or a specific protocol for monitoring the biofeedback response in the biofield as a basis for their work with a person’s stress. Whether you are an instructor or a specialist seeing private clients, we follow a self-responsibility and educational model.

A professional association provides the support, community, and accreditation as a third party for those trained by a training school. Your training school may be the IKC, the Natural BioEnergetics Institute, Breakthroughs International (Brain Gym), Muscle Tuners International, and others. They provide the training and certify or license you to use their program and name. Once you finish the training and begin to establish your practice, then the training school doesn’t have a lot to offer you other than more training.

That is where the professional association comes in. We then provide the business building support, discipline specific peer groups, and cross fertilisation between disciplines to broaden and deepen your work. We are also the interface for the group of disciplines with the government and other bodies (advocacy and marketing). These are the roles that the old CanAsk has always played.

There is another role that we are now big enough and strong enough to begin supporting officially and that is the role of 3rd party accreditation via our Standards of Practice. Many of you will remember that previously CanAsk had a relationship with NHPC where if you were a member of CanAsk you automatically qualified for NHPC (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada) and could get their insurance. That is still true with CanBeWell and that is a good example of how we “accredit” you for govt and insurance bodies. You could just join NHPC instead, but unless you are a massage therapist, you get little if any support or community for the disciplines we represent.

However, now the landscape is changing and many of the insurance and government bodies are bringing in higher standards and want someone (in our case CanBeWell) to certify the members as having met certain standards so that they can accept you for their plans. It reduces the work the insurance or government has to do to ensure you meet their standards and puts the responsibility on CanBeWell instead. It is nearly impossible to get insurance without that these days.

Most of our members do more than one style of work. We are multi-disciplinary in most cases. The individual training schools rarely talk to each other, so CanBeWell is where we share and integrate learning at a practical level. Its a place to get to know what others are doing and share inspiration and experience.

Membership in CanBeWell is based on what you are ready to give to the association and what level of service you want back from the association. Membership is independent of the Standards of Practice (SOP). Many members will not need or want to go through the SOP and that is perfect for them. A General Member or a Full member can function fully as a member without the Standards of Practice. An Instructor or someone “Actively practising” as our bylaws have stated for many years, can have the benefits of the Full membership: post classes and meetings on the website, have the full profile on the website, and much more. That is whether or not they meet a professional standard. The only restriction is that no one can use the term “professional” unless they meet the Standards of Practice. You use the title your discipline uses such as facilitator, specialist, consultant, etc.

The big question is, What does Actively Practising mean? We have tentatively set that to be 200 hours a year (15 hours a month or 3.5 hours per week) of working IN your business whether it is seeing clients or teaching students or taking a class. That number is based on what other organisations around the world have already set as a minimum number for meeting “practice” requirements.

Your membership in CanBeWell has been enhanced and is worth more than ever.

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