What does BioEnergetic mean?

What is BioEnergetic Wellness?

The assessment and assistance to the body to create flow of energy throughout the systems in the BioField.

Other terms:

BioEnergetic Feedback (BEF) – Information gained from the BioField through energetic assessment. A Blanket term for assessing the BioField. Note: Removal of the word “muscle” as there are several ways of assessing that do not use a muscle, as well as the awareness that the muscle is not being tested, but rather the limb’s response to a stimulus coming through the Neuroenergetic loop. The terms “hold” or “release” may be used, as well as “lock” or “unlock”.

BioEnergetic Monitoring (BEM) or Muscle Monitoring (MM)– The gaining of information about the Neuroenergetic loop from a shift of ability in an indicator “muscle” or “limb” action. BEM would be a new Canadian term, while MM would be a universal term accepted worldwide.

History of Terminology:

  1. Muscle Test (MT), Manual Muscle Test (MMT) – testing a muscle, looking for “strong” or “weak”, uses more than 2 pounds of pressure. Primarily used by physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports therapists and doctors to test muscle strength and range of motion.
  2. Muscle Response Testing (MRT) – Neural ability of the electrical system shown by a muscle tested with less than 2 pounds of pressure, shown with “lock” or “unlock”. Used by Dr. Anne Jansen at Oxford University for research.
  3. Muscle Monitoring (MM) – Same as MRT, used by John Thie, by IKC since 2000, and identified by Krebs/McGowan
  4. Muscle BioFeedback – identified by Krebs/McGowan as the information gained from MM.
  5. Analogue Muscle Testing (AMT) – Testing a muscle in movement – Alan Sales – Cyberkinetics
  6. Binary Muscle Testing (BMT) – Testing a muscle in a static position – Alan Sales – Cyberkinetics
  7. Holographic Muscle Monitoring – Neurological-energetic interface in 14 positions – Richard Utt
  8. Indicator Muscle (IM) – Muscle used to gain biofeedback from Neurological-energetic interface
  9. Autonomic Response Testing (ART) – Same as MRT, used by Dr. Deitrich Klinghart, also Advanced Autonomic Response Testing
  10. Quantitative Muscle Test (QMT) – Use of a dynamometer to measure a MMT, measures the force of the test.

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