Wake up Your Organs with Neuro-Lymphatic Massage

by Heather Phillips, HBPE, Founder of Muscle Tuners International Inc., A CanBeWell Partner Organization

I was recently interviewed for a video by Sheryl Plouffe (Business Owner and Video Strategist).  I explained the lymphatic system like this, “Our heart pumps blood and our muscles pump lymph through our body.” Sheryl had heard of the lymphatic system and when I explained it like this, she was excited and complimented me because she had never heard the lymphatic system explained quite like that.  It made me happy that she finally understood the importance of movement. I continued to explain that it was just as important as the blood system but less dramatic (not red).

Did you know you can interact with the lymphatic system easily and simply and give yourself a tune-up before exercising or doing daily activity by simply rubbing the Neuro-Lymphatic (NL) massage points?  As part of this newsletter article I will share a way for you to remember the Neuro-Lymphatic Massage points. It’s the way I learned them in 1983!!  Before I get to that, here is more information you need to know.

Neuro-lymphatics are like switches which turn off when the lymphatic system is overloaded.”    ~ Dr. George Goodheart, D.C.

Dr. John Thie’s Touch for Health® and Dr. George Goodheart’s Applied Kinesiology™ identified that Chapman’s reflexes switch-on the communication between the brain and the muscles. Dr. Goodheart mapped the muscles to the meridians and the Neuro-Lymphatic massage points to them as well.

The following is information from a document created by Muscle Tuners International Inc. They call this technique “Wake up the organs” because activating the NL points does move the lymph through every part of the body!   (www.muscletuners.fit):

  • Purpose:  To activate reflexes on one part of the body to affect an area at another body location.
  • Why: To correct for lactic acid build up due to heavy exercise. To help move lymph in those who lead more sedentary lives. Use this technique any time you want to help detoxification or increase physical energy. Carries nutrients into the cells and waste out of the cells.
  • More information:  

Neuro-lymphatic reflexes do not correspond directly to the location of lymph glands. Rather, the link is neurological in nature. Notice reflexes are located on both the front and the back of the body and realize that both sides need activation for best results.

  • How you perform Neuro-Lymphatic Massage:
  • Rub in a circular fashion where indicated, with firm but not painful pressure. You may need to lighten your pressure to the level of ‘comfortably uncomfortable’.  Rubbing up and down is also effective.
  • Expect some tenderness and proceed gently and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds per reflex.

Imagine that you have a muscle that is not working. Other muscles compensate and over time you may experience pain or dysfunction in your body. 

If you had a simple and easy way to switch on muscles before an activity, would you do it?  Massaging the NL points will help send a signal to the brain that your muscles are ready to work!

So, here are the words to a little ditty that I learned from my Touch for Health® Instructor, Philip Crockford in the early 1980’s and the link to yours truly demonstrating the “Neuro-Lymphatic Song”:  https://www.facebook.com/MuscleTunersInternational/videos/554291092189559/.  Refer to your Touch for Health® class notes or Manual OR download the Energy Boost 5 Free Tips for the exact location of the NL massage points.

Wake up Your Organs is a profound technique and is part of the Energy Boost Self-Care gift Muscle Tuners International Inc. is giving to the public.  Once you have signed up for the free content, there is a chart provided with permission of the NL massage points for the body under Downloads on the right-hand side.

Neuro-Lymphatic Song by Philip Crockford, ©1982

Subscapularis, Teres Minor

Teres Major


Anterior Serratus, Anterior Deltoid

Left Right Left.

Left Right Left, Clavicular, Sternal, Lats.

Left Right Left, Clavicular, Sternal, Lats.

Quadriceps, Quadriceps, Quadriceps, Quadriceps

Psoas, Peroneus;

Psoas, Peroneus;

Peroneus, Gluteus Medius

Peroneus, Gluteus Medius

Fascia Lata, Fascia Lata,

 Mm Mm Mm

Link to follow along:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/MuscleTunersInternational/posts/?ref=page_internal

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