Shout Out: FemPower Conference By Michelle Greenwell

In February I was asked to sit on a special wellness panel to discuss the aspects of health with body, mind and spirit.  The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce launched its first annual FemPower conference for business women to support each other.  This was a gift to be a part of.  I shared an energy warm up at the beginning of the day which I added a little goal to before everyone participated.  I shared “Hands Turning” from Tai Chi which helps people to understand how movement can heal the body, and how we can use reciprocal concepts to move one body part to affect another body part.  I had them hold energy between their hands and then make energy bubble bath to support their entire biofield.  I finished with Cook’s Hookups to create the figure eight flow of energy that would bring them to center and calm.  This was very well received. 

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The panel discussion was excellent.  We shared our personal stories of how we got into this line of work, the skills we have seen shared and used to support the lives of others, and a discussion about “monkey thoughts” that keep you awake at night or from getting things done in a constructive way brought discussion to me.  I “walked the runway” and shared how the Tai Chi moves “ward off monkey” and “brush knees” calm the “monkey thoughts” and allow us to walk forward in a new way.  It was a proud moment as I was recognized as a BioEnergetic Wellness Facilitator.  Thanks CanBeWell for that title!

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