Tea With Intentions Book (Printed) – PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING


Tea lovers have always delighted in the perfect aroma, the favorite blend, the nourishment of the herbs, and the relaxation of the sipping moments.  The partnering of Muscle Monitoring, Herb Essences, Intentions and Goal Setting were a perfect match for bringing tea into a new platform for health and wellness goals.  By combining these tools with the passion for drinking tea, aficionados can bring a full-bodied experience to their tea drinking “habit” and bring about a shift in focus, a lift in spirit and an overall sense of well being.  10 Tea Blends are available with 5 Element Organization with 3 levels of intention infused into each blend.  This is a great experiential way to share knowledge with students about muscle monitoring, goal setting, nutrition, and the aspects of the 5 Element Tea and Emotions, concepts from Touch for Health Levels 1-4.

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