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Mini videos give the Facebook audience less than a minute to know about you and click on your page. Your message needs to be specific, clear and meet the needs of the public. As a free advertising campaign, this is a great way to share information about BioEnergetic Wellness.

Have you considered doing a podcast? There are very few people speaking about bioenergetic wellness around the globe. This is one of the fastest growing areas on the internet. Do you have what it takes to do interviews and share ideas with the public and with others in the bioenergetic wellness industry?

This webinar was recorded on October 20, 2020.

Our presenters:
Debbie Rossi has been a podcast presenter since June 2019, as well as owning her own company at www.debbierossi.com.au.  Living in Australia, she serves the BioEnergetic Wellness community with over 20 episodes about the people and topics that are important to our profession.
Denise Cambiotti is co-creator of Muscle Tuners International, one of our partner organizations.  She has been building and sharing mini videos for the last few years and has some tips and tools of the trade to share.
Helga Petersen is owner of HPC Reflexology Institute and a Touch for Health Instructor.  Originally hiring a videographer to help her with her videos, Helga did a special project for this webinar to show different approaches to a simple message for the public.
Natascha Polomski is co-creator of Raising BioEnergetic Awareness and owner of Turn Up the Frequency.  Using singing bowls and other instruments in her recordings, Natascha has gained experience in lighting, microphones and the little details when working with music.
Michelle Greenwell is creator of Qi YINtegration and owner of Dance Debut Inc.  She has been working on researching the details for podcasts and how to get started.

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