Anatomy of Muscle Monitoring Set of All 4 DVDs


The entire set of all 4 DVDs.


At last! Anatomy made easy! A DVD series for students and instructors produced by Greg Webb, RMT and Touch for Health Instructor.

This DVD series is in 4 parts. This is a set of all 4 DVDs. You save $35 by purchasing all 4 DVDs at one time!

The first of the DVDs teaches how to locate, monitor, and get the best possible information from the primary muscle associated with each of the 14 acupuncture meridians. Described in common language and anatomical terminology, beginning students and advanced practitioners will increase understanding and skill. (approximately 92 minutes in length)

The second DVD teaches monitoring positions for 14 new muscles positively effecting neck, para-scapular tension, hip and knee issues. You will learn how to locate, monitor, and get the best possible information from these additional muscles which associate with the 14 acupressure meridians. (approximately 64 minutes in length)

The third DVD features 16 new muscles that will help correct tension in the neck, shoulders and hips as well as muscles that add stability and strength to knees and ankles. Teaches how to locate these muscles on the body and monitor to get the best possible information. The new muscles learned in Level 3 completes the 42 common muscles taught in classes. (approximately 50 minutes in length)

In Level 4 the focus is on pulling it all together while increasing your clinic skills. There is great value in evaluating all 42+ muscles. Doing so sets the stage for significant change on many levels. Level 4 is designed to help you learn how to do this quickly and effectively We also add additional muscles and advanced testing positions to your existing skills. (approximately 80 minutes in length)

Price includes shipping within Canada. Price of the entire set of 4 is $165.00 (including shipping within Canada.)