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SAVE THE DATE! Social Media Savvy for Private Practice

A sponsored Webinar for those building a practice or teaching If you’re confused about how to use Social Media effectively for your business and frustrated with all the ‘experts’ out there who offer too much information not specific enough to YOUR needs, we have the solution for you! This coming February 22nd, 2020 Registration is […]

Webinar: Why should you belong to CanBeWell?

We want to introduce who we are as the Canadian Association of Bioenergetic Wellness and who we think belongs with us. I explain what disciplines and practices we represent and what benefits and connections you get. If you are already a member, that is awesome and hope this will clarify all the changes as well […]

Why do we need Standards of Practice?

Standards of Practice provide a framework of principles that describes the knowledge, skills and abilities inherent in the services provided by the person certified at that Standard. They serve as guide for self-evaluation and for the determine of education and skills needed to advance an individual’s level of practice. Although not regulations, the Standards may […]

What does it mean to be a Professional Association

The Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness is the professional association for those disciplines that use muscle monitoring and/or a specific protocol for monitoring the biofeedback response in the biofield as a basis for their work with a person’s stress. Whether you are an instructor or a specialist seeing private clients, we follow a self-responsibility and […]

What does BioEnergetic mean?

What is BioEnergetic Wellness? The assessment and assistance to the body to create flow of energy throughout the systems in the BioField. Other terms: BioEnergetic Feedback (BEF) – Information gained from the BioField through energetic assessment. A Blanket term for assessing the BioField. Note: Removal of the word “muscle” as there are several ways of […]

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