To all of our CanBeWell Members;

We are deeply saddened that at a time when positive touch has never been more needed by those in our local community, we are faced with an unprecedented situation where social distancing has become an imperative to protect the health and well-being of not just ourselves and our clients, but globally – for humankind.

Following the Prime Minister’s and each provincial authority’s announcements over the past few days, where many of them have asked for a number of establishments, including, registered massage, gyms and leisure centres, to close their doors – we would now like to urge members to suspend any sessions or classes that involve face-to-face contact with their clients as soon as possible. As your professional association, we fully appreciate the implications this will have on both your clients and your practice, but we have now reached a time where everyone needs to take the next vital step to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

As we have watched the events unfold around the world with the COVID-19 virus and the pandemic changes, we are empowered with the tools that we hold in our hands.  It is an uplifting time to know that we have the ability to use our BioEnergetic Wellness tools for ourselves, our families and our clients.  At CanBeWell your Leadership team has been working hard to create opportunities for you to share your tools and connect with your clients and the public. 

As the professional association that brings bioenergetic wellness facilitators together we want to ensure the safety of yourself, your family and your clients.  We hope that you have fully appreciated the implications of meeting clients face to face and the implications it has for your community and the global wellness for all.  We hope you have begun to embrace how you can share your tools and sessions in a distance healing, with online sessions and classes.  This is where our programs may become very helpful as you reach out in a new way to service your clients and your classes.

Watch for some ideas we have put together for you to share with those in your web of influence in a special edition of our Public Newsletter coming soon.

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