Leadership Team Update

2020 is the opportunity for our organization to begin focusing on programs that ignite more passion for the disciplines that we engage in and share them with the public. 

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This past week we launched the first ever Public Newsletter:  BeWELL Informed.  This is our first opportunity to provide a series of techniques, ideas and opportunities to give to the public, engage them in what we do, and attract them to our website and the learning opportunities we have within the organization but also in the class listings posted by you, our members.  This Newsletter is designed for you to be able to send it through your contact lists to engage your clients, students and public with more of what we all do and how they can access that information.  Our goal is to bring the ideas of BioEnergetic Wellness to Canadians in a way they have not been reached before.  We invite you to organize your distribution lists and maximize this service to your advantage for reaching out to your clientele.  Ultimately, we hope that CanBeWell will be a household word that educates the public and provides them a means to find wellness opportunities for themselves, their family and friends. 

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In our “Better Business” segment of the monthly Webinar series we will be sharing how social media can be a more profitable experience for all of us as we dive into a more in-depth knowledge of engaging our business messages through social media platforms. Combined with our public newsletter, February promises to be a great time to re-evaluate our own marketing and messaging, and to engage as a BioEnergetic Wellness community to enrich the lives of Canadians.

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Make sure to mark your calendar for the Community Chat schedule, as we welcome the opportunity to get to know each other better, and to have conversations that are pertinent to our businesses and how we reach the public.  We look forward to chatting with you.

This year’s big event:  The BioEnergetic Wellness Summit 2020.  June promises to be a game changer for CanBeWell members, for the disciplines we represent, and for the public.  This event being held June 10 – 12th will be an online summit broadcast with a special workshop series held in Montreal, Quebec.  Members and the Public will be able to engage in the summit events in person, or on-line.  A first for Canada, this will be the opportunity to learn more about the art and science of BioEnergetic Wellness and how to share its value with those you care about.

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Lastly, the CanBeWell Leadership Team has created some amazing opportunities for us over the last seven months.  We are now in a position to begin some very special projects based on the foundation that has been set in our structure, partnerships, standards of practice, website, programs and more.  We are looking for some expertise from our members to engage in some of these new projects.  We are currently looking for:  WRITERS!!!

The CanBeWell Writing Team:  This is a place for people who wish to develop their skills at research, compilation and writing.  Editors are needed to support these skills as well.  We are looking to create handouts for clients, brochures for the public, articles for magazines, press releases, Facebook and website blog posts and articles for our newsletters.  As you build your skills, we embark on an outreach to the public in a way that has never happened before.  Here are some creative ideas:  POETS, RESEARCHERS, BLOG WRITING, WEBINAR WRITERS, MEDITATION CREATORS. 

Where can this lead?  We plan to take these posts and continue skill development into public speaking engagements.  This includes our webinar series, Community Chats, and presentations in our community. 

Do you know how to develop a webinar?  We are looking for members who would like to develop these skills.  This will include learning about building a power point, setting up presentations, public speaking and program development.

Thank you for continuing this journey with us!  It is through your inspiration that the Leadership Team continues to thrive and achieve the goals we have set for CanBeWell.org.

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