Last-Minute Christmas “Gift of Wellness”

By Natascha Polomski

This year, I was looking to gift two people who recently became close friends and wanted to give something special. Both of them are as interested in energy work as I am. So I decided to gift them with the “Gift of Wellness”, a membership with CanBeWell. The Supporting Membership is a beautiful gift for that family member or friend interested in natural health and bioenergetic wellness. This 2021 membership will give them access to discounts, an informative newsletter, and an exceptionally supportive community and network of individuals that celebrate bioenergetic wellness in their daily life and work.

This will also support and grow our CanBeWell membership!

All for the Supporting Membership cost of $25

Can you think of that particular person within your friends and family interested in self-care and wellness that could benefit from a membership with CanBeWell?

I invite you for just $25 to consider the possibility of a Supporting Membership for 2021.

Light in love to you and a happy 2021

Contact Michelle M. in the office at with the email tagline of “Gift of Membership’, with the names and email addresses of those you would like to gift. You will be sent an email containing the Gift of Membership PDF and instructions on how the gift receiver can activate their membership, please send an e-transfer to for the amount.

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