Knowlative & Conference Follow Up Interview with Co-Founder Ludovico Feletto

Question: Can you give us a brief overview and vision of Knowlative and what you are hoping to achieve through its platform?

Answer: Knowlative means “Collaborative Knowledge”, it is a Spanish company based in Tenerife with collaborators all over the World.

The Knowlative web App is, at the moment, a database for muscle response testers (aka specialized and applied BioEnergetic Wellness Facilitators). It is quite huge, you can find, among other things: the complete bones, muscles and joints atlas, all classic acupuncture points and meridians, digital modes, formats, vocabulary definitions. And also 74 complete techniques, all vitamins and minerals and their links to muscles, many flower essences, …

We began with the basics: all the vocabulary definitions for muscle test technical words. We strongly believe that collaboration is the main drive to make our industry grow and speaking the same language is the first step.

We improved then the basics (anatomy, energy anatomy, sources, authors, …) and we are now adding more practical information (techniques, digital modes, videos of muscle tests, …).

Everyday more people are contributing, and the database is constantly growing, and every PRO user can add new contents or update existing ones. At the moment you can find 2821 contents and 16055 links but there will be more every day.

Q: Knowlative was one of the partners along with IASK supporting the ‘Stress and the Immune System’ Conference which was held online in May. Did you exceed your expectations for the conference? What was the feedback?

A: We started working on the conference at the end of March. A lot of countries were entering in some sort of quarantine and almost all presential muscle response test events planned for 2020 were being cancelled or postponed.

There are 2 basic ideas behind the conference.

  1. The first is: we need connection, we need to feel that we are not alone doing weird things ant that we are, instead, part of a huge community all over the World. And, in April, this feeling was enhanced by the physical insulation we were all experiencing due to CoVID pandemic.
  2. The second is: we need tools to reduce stress and to boost our immune system. Social distancing and separation are still causing a lot of emotional stress in these days and the psychological/social/emotional impact of this period is huge. And boosting the immune system, especially in high risk areas, is still very useful.

The result was beyond our expectations: 500 participants from 34 different countries (all 5 continents) for 4 days shared their energy using 5 different languages (English, Russian, Italian, German, Spanish). This was really the first World Online Muscle Response Test conference.

We had really good feedback. The most amazing aspect was that we really felt the connection between us, and we were able to share technical aspects and bonding moments in an emotional way despite the huge real distances. We felt that we are part of a single worldwide community.

Q: Can the ‘Stress and the Immune System’ conference content still be accessed and how?

A: Due to the short time we had to organize the conference, we were forced to close the subscriptions at 500 participants and since many of you were not able to attend, we opened up the playback of the videos and the conference documents inside Knowlative also to everyone that missed it but wants to feel this connection. You can buy the access to all contents until August, 1st from this link:

Q. Are there plans for another online conference?

A: We create K-conversations format and website for the “Stress and the Immune System” conference. The idea is to have more of these “key-conversations” with the World of MRT.

We are surely going to have the second edition at the end of April 2021, we are still working on details and we will probably increase the number of languages.

We are also working on a different format to share live a collaborative course in November 2020.

In the past conference, we tried to keep prices as low as possible to make the event even more accessible. We will keep this idea because the more we share, the more we gain.

Q: Are there any future additions or projects Knowlative is working?

A: What you can see online now in Knowlative is only the first step in our project.

Knowlative is only a 3-year-old toddler and not fully developed yet.

A quick overview of what we are going to build could be divided in 5 steps:

  1. Database: now online, continuously expanding with new content categories and connections. A collaborative repository of technical information. Useful for studying, teaching and working with muscle response testing.
  2. Work: we are working on this part. The first version is expected by the end of 2020. Knowlative will became also the place where you can book appointments and store your client’s data in a secure way (GDPR and CCPA compliant).
  3. Social: partially there. You can write comments related to every content in Knowlative to express your experience or to discuss on a technical topic with the rest of the community and with the author. The idea is to be able to promote courses and events of every school and association to give visibility, to republish newsletters and articles from all over the MRT World. A virtual safe space where we can talk about muscle test freely. Part of this “social” part was the recent K-conversations conference.
  4. Statistics: not there yet. Imagine the possibility to gather all data from your sessions with the client while you are building the report (and without losing time) and to have, at the end of the month, a detailed report of what happened (what are the complaint you are working on, the techniques you are using more or you are not using compared to what your peers around the world are doing, what is the population of your clients,…). Once the Work part will be there, you will find this in Knowlative.
  5. Research: needs all other parts to be working, we are aiming here. When it will be possible to gather (respecting privacy and laws) anonymized data from all clients and all BioEnergetic Wellness Facilitators around the World, we could publish observational studies and start demonstrating with numbers what we already achieve in our work. From observational studies it will be possible to design more strong evidence enrolling clients and professionals in more relevant studies.

Timing for these steps will largely depend on the support we receive.

Q: How can CanBeWell members get involved, support, and contribute to Knowlative?

A: The best way to support Knowlative is to create a PRO account and to share your experience and knowledge with the community. And, if you like Knowlative, spread out the word (and remember to use your Friend Code, we are sharing also the revenues).

We are organizing some periodic meeting called “Knowlative Guided Tours” to show what you can do with the software. You can find the next dates and subscribe from here:

About Ludovico Feletto

Ludovico graduated in Medicine and Surgery with top marks and honors in 2002. While specializing in Orthopedics and Traumatology (received in 2007 with the highest marks and honors), he studied several other methods of diagnosis and treatment.

From 2003 to 2007 he continued his education and attended a four-year course in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Matteo Ricci school in Bologna, where he obtained the Italian Acupuncture Certificate (No. 2208). From 2007 to today he has participated in numerous Applied and Specialized K. courses. He has been a Touch for Health instructor since 2010.

He worked as a Trauma Surgeon in the hospital from 2007 to 2015 and has been working in private practice from 2007 until now.

In 2015 he started to be interested in Neural Therapy and Regulatory Functional Medicine. This path lead him to tackle health problems more effectively by having a complete and integrated view of the person. He strongly believes that an integrated health system is the best solution, for this reason, in 2017, along with a group of friends he co-founded Knowlative.

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