Seniors & Immunity – FREE Public Webinar


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  • December 8, 2020
  • Tuesday, 11AM to 12PM

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Seniors & Immunity – FREE Public Webinar

Tuesday, 11AM to 12PM
December 8, 2020


Seniors & Immunity – FREE Public Webinar

Tuesday, 11AM to 12PM
December 8, 2020


As we enter into an unprecedented time in history, the opportunity to do the best we can for our immune system has never been more important.  We invite you to join us, and spread the word about our FREE public webinar on Seniors and Immunity.  As part of our Self-Care Awareness Project Webinar Series this fall, we are excited to share these three talented and experienced BioEnergetic Wellness Facilitators.

Ward Willison

From All Body Care in West Kelowna, BC is Ward Willison. Since 1996 Ward Willison R.Ac. has been treating people in clinical settings. With training in Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine he combines Western science and Asian wisdom to maximize people’s health and lives.  Trained in many BioEnergetic Wellness modalities including Touch for Health, Brain Gym and Body Management, Ward also has a background in Tai Chi and other marital arts and credits a lot of his health and wellness to his regular practice. 

Ward’s talk: “People die from 3 things, let’s talk about what we can do.”  Only a third of people die from old age, most people die from other reasons. To age and enjoy life into the higher numbers, do not leave it to chance. Grab your life and do some simple things to maximize the time you have. From my 24 years working in clinics and modern research you can affect your aging process and actually have the “golden years”. You will leave this talk with some easy actions for each of the three causes of death and take more control of your life.

Brian Haraga

From Haraga Health Management is Brian Haraga.  Brian began using muscle monitoring for horses at age 15. By 16, an auto accident left him severely debilitated. Al Berry’s Body Management work enabled Brian to recover and get back to rodeoing. Brian’s work reflects his life lessons as well as his in-depth study of the body (human and animal) and how it works. Brian is an instructor for Touch For Health, Body Management, Equine/Pet therapy, Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis Instructor, and a former EduK Instructor. Brian is also a professional PKP Practitioner in Canada and incorporates many other modalities. Brian has more than 30 years of experience working with people and with all kinds of animals. His main focus is his clinical work in Stettler, Alberta, Canada; with his wife Eli, where he works with all kind of people with various minor to major problems, ONE PERSON AT A TIME. He gives them a wealth of knowledge such as the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional aspects of the human body. Brian says, “this healing modality allows me to help people to enhance their lives to its full potential in a caring straightforward manner”. Brian says, “that one of his major accomplishments was to be able to teach his own children Touch for Health at the ages of eight and ten.

Tips for the elderly and the immune system 

A great amount is known about aging on the immune system and the different ways that aches and complaints are manifested as dis-ease symptoms at various levels, and that can represent an impaired function and inability to find balance in the systems.  Brian will explore some of these experiences and the tips and tools from his bioenergetic wellness toolbox that can assist with immune responses to such things as parasites (LI 16) Bacterias (LI 17), fungus (Li 18) virus ( LI19), and environmental toxic (Li 10) such as foods, perfumes, dust, etc. Come find out what you can do to help the function of the speeding up of the elderly’s immune system as well as your own. 

You can find Brian at

Yolande Kielstra

From Taber, Alberta we have Yolande Kielstra.  Yolande is a member of the Leadership Team for CanBeWell and is our newsletter editor and Member Relations Committee representative.  Yolande is trained in Touch for Health, as well as Primary Reflex Integration and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  Currently, Yolande is studying to be certified in Massage Therapy as well.

Yolande will be sharing tips and tools from Touch for Health™ including the Neurolymphatic massage to help create better flow through the body.  You can find out more about Yolande at

If you have not seen our webinar series this fall, you can find more videos on our YouTube channel – CanBeWell.  Be sure to subscribe to see new postings.

To register for the webinar, click on the link above. The Zoom log in information will be sent to you the morning of the webinar so it is near the top of your IN box.

We encourage you to pass the webinar on to family and friends who could also benefit!  Thank you. 

CanBeWell Leadership Team Webinar Committee

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