CanBeWell Member Interview: Helga Petersen

Interviewer: Laurie Peel

Question: I understand you have been invited to speak at an upcoming conference. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Answer: It is the Canadian Association of Reflexology (RAC) annual conference coming up in April. It’s being held in here in B.C.

Question: How was it you were invited to speak?

Answer: Last year I had a table at a conference where I met the Executive Director of RAC. He came to my table, we chatted and he invited me to be a speaker.

Question: What will you be speaking about?

Answer: I will be speaking on foot reflexology and muscle reflexes on the foot. I’ve created a chart with the muscle reflexes for the 14 primary Touch for Health muscles. I will be giving hands-on training to reflexologists showing them how to work with these muscle reflexes in the same way as Touch for Health. So we “push to mush” and “lengthen to strengthen” to balance opposing muscles, using only the reflexes on the feet.

Question: How did you create your chart?

Answer: I combined the origin and insertion points for the 14 muscles with my knowledge of where the reflex points for these muscles are located on the feet.

Question: That’s amazing! This is your own original work?

Answer: Yes it is, but there is another person in the USA who, independently, has come up with a very similar approach. We met in Alaska at a conference. She has published a book describing her system. I don’t have any intention of publishing though. Being said, that the person in USA and I introduced the same topic at the same time, means our vibration met in the universe.

Question: What other disciplines do you work with?

Answer: When I was in Germany I worked with many different disciplines. Here in Canada, I work and teach Touch for Health, Touch for Health metaphors, and Top 10 Pain Relievers, and foot reflexology, include many advanced reflexology courses. And I combine muscle monitoring with reflexology.

Question: What brought you to CanBEWell and when did you join?

Answer: It was 2004, I believe. I needed to do my Touch for Health instructor update.

Question: What do you feel has been your number one benefit of being a CanBEWell member?

Answer: Community. Connections to great people all across Canada that allow us to grow and broaden our understanding and knowledge.

Question: Can you share an inspiring quote, idea or suggestion?

Answer: As a Touch for Health person, I have a suggestion: Every day have a goal. And every day do the switching-on exercises. These exercises power you up so you have energy during the day to reach your goal. Another suggestion is to do a time of day balance when your energy dips down.

Question: Is there a book you can recommend? What is your favourite go-to book?

Answer: The book I rely on most is Touch for Health – complete edition.

Question: Where would you like to see CanBEWell in 5 years?

Answer: I would like to see CanBEWell re-accepted by IKC. And I would hope that word spreads and we are better known and understood by the Canadian people.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to share with the membership?

Answer: I encourage you to be an active member!

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