Book Review: “Heal: You Have the Power”

“Heal: You have the Power” by Your Holistic Earth featured our own Greg Webb in their Volume 1.  All of the healing stories share the stories of people who could not find answers for their health challenges and took responsibility for their wellness by learning techniques and digging into toolboxes in the BioEnergetic Wellness field.  Greg’s stories of three successful interactions with clients are superb.  His work is so in depth and sustaining.  His contribution does stand out with being the only facilitator who contributed from the side of the story of the healer, rather than the healee.  It is a great read, and an inspiration for CanBEWell to consider a similar project in the near future!

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  1. Thanks for the book review Michelle. As an update on 1 of the 3 families. The young lady who is now 15, that was experiencing Epilepsy symptoms was in to see me mid February 2020. We started working together in Aug 2019 and have had 5 opportunities for clinic work. Each time, her mom is over the moon with excitement at how their daughter is doing so very well in so many regards. She exclaimed with great excitement that her daughter had even gotten 100% on a recent Grade 10 math exam. (not an easy feat for anyone). The significant part of that last sentence is that for the last 2 years, according to her mom, the girl has been helped out significantly by the school teachers to keep her progressing through grades 8 and 9, as many days she could only do half days, or less, her energy was so low and ability to focus limited. She used to be an ace student prior to her first seizure. Reduced work load capacity was understood. School subjects which were mentally challenging would actually cause her brain to do mini “shut down/black outs”. Similar to when your computer shuts down and then takes a few minutes to power up and restart all the components. Math especially was a subject, prior to us working together, which would cause her brain to blank out/ power down. Now here she is, 6 short months later, getting 100% on a Math Test!!! Attending full school days, at full course load, participating in recreational sports, helping on the farm and getting grades in the mid 80% range. This client has been a delight to work with and has enabled me to use full creative potential of my clinic skill set, anatomy and physiology knowledge and tenacious curiosity. Each clinic appointment has been unique in content, incorporating both Whole Systems and Microscopic Anatomical Complex Biochemical interactions of the nervous system. A delightful and rewarding experience in every way. Yet probably the most awe inspiring aspect of this and every other success we experience in our world of Bio-Energetic Feedback, is that the entire clinic menu from start to finish, is all established by the feedback given from the inner knowledge inherent within the receiver’s body, directing access to the best the facilitator/clinician has within their ability to help. We are blessed to have a modality which works in real time, creating delightful positive change, using methods anyone can learn, yet what forward thinking scientists can only attempt to describe. For those of us who use bio-energetic feed back methods, it is just our “normal modus operandi”. We are blessed to be leading the way to a more body knowledge honoring approach to health.
    Greg Webb 02/16/2020

  2. PS. The mom has commented numerous times that all involved (family, friends and school staff) are delighted and amazed at how much improvement the girl has achieved since we started working together (Aug 2019) and how the results we are achieving have far outpaced the changes which were able to be created by working with the Calgary Children’s Hospital for the preceding 2 years. Though helpful, just not to the breadth or extent of our clinic appointments thus far. Nice feedback and perhaps a window of possibility for many families out there who are hoping that help is available for their loved ones too.

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