BioEnergetic Wellness and the Biofield – a personal view

By Natascha Polomski

More and more people are asking: What is “BioEnergetic Wellness” or the “Biofield”?

The term “Biofield” was coined in the early 1990s by a panel from the National of Health (NIH) Office of Alternative Medicine as a “massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.”[1]

For me, the Biofield is the energy surrounding us, within us, and connecting us with others and our environment. As energy is considered information, this field consists of the information flow through and around us. This flow of information allows our intuition to give us feedback, pointers, and cues. This input, in turn, enables us to make decisions, to change to a healthier and balanced life, and to avoid anything harmful or not serving us. If we are “in tune,” we are aware of those cues as we can “listen” to the Biofield with all our senses.

While watching the movie Insaei[2] one of the presenters said something that made sense to me: We are consciously using about 3-5 % of our brain. The other 95-97% receive all the energetic shifts around and in us subconsciously and feed them back to us as intuition.   

I have come to experience that as accurate. Having learned to listen to my inner voice, I can sense when I am not 100% or which way to decide if I need to make a decision. I am trusting my gut-brain to tell me if something is “off”. I can often then use BioEnergetic Wellness tools to bring myself back to balance. In my case, these tools consist mostly of sound, vibration, and frequency in combination with muscle monitoring for optimum result.

BioEnergetic Wellness means for me that I am energetically in balance and that any changes in my environment have the least upsetting impact on me. Those energetic changes can be food-related, relationship-related, work-related, and so on. Anything that impacts me usually has an energetic connection to me physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Being aware of those changes allows me to respond, not react, and to realize if an emotion or other impact is mine or someone else’s.

To summarize BioEnergetic Wellness means for me to be at my optimum and not negatively influenced by my inner or outer circumstances and environment. And BioEnergetic Wellness Tools allow me to bounce back into this naturally balanced state.



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