Benefits of Membership

Become part of a supportive community that helps strengthen your Bioenergetic Wellness. 

CanBeWell helps you grow personally and assists you in growing your business. As a professional organization we also protect our disciplines; provide mentoring; and connect you to education credits whether you are a client seeking support or a new student right up to the seasoned instructors.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. We are a community of like-minded colleagues on a journey to practice and share BioEnergetic Wellness across Canada and around the world.
  2. We host community chats where we discuss topics you want to talk about with colleagues, explore questions, and support each other across a spectrum of disciplines using the biofield.
  3. We provide webinars, training events, social events, and CE credits to enhance your understanding and practice.
  4. We produce tools for public outreach – an opportunity for you to share wellness tips with family, friends and clients.
  5. Our Standards of Practice process aim to set the standards for Canada, establishing recognition of training and enhanced understanding of the art and science of BioEnergetic Wellness.
  6. We provide discounts on Professional Liability insurance based on your professional training (in the works—will be available soon).
  7. As many Disciplines working together we can speak with a unified voice to be heard by the public and by the government to support, defend, and expand personal choice  in the natural healing space in Canada.

Annual Membership Plans

Introductory Member
only $45
  • Enjoy the benefits of a General member at a significate discount for your first year.
  • Share in Peer support through Community Chats
  • Build friendships with other members across the country
  • Enjoy all the member webinars to build your skills and clientele
  • Be seen as a professional
General Member
Only $75
  • Be part of a community of peers to support you
  • Keep up to date with the BEW field
  • Build your skills and your clientele with webinars just for you
  • Access practice building resources for members only
  • Promote yourself with a personal profile in the directory
Full Member
only $140
  • All the benefits of a General member plus.
  • Attract students and clients with a Business Profile on the Directory
  • Post all your classes on the website
  • Promote your classes and products with discounted advertising
  • Be accredited under the Standards of Practice
Supporting Member
only $25
  • Enjoy the blog and other insider posts and news
  • Support CanBeWell to help promote these disciplines
  • Keep up to date with BEW field
  • Participate in Association sponsored events and conferences with the supporter discount
  • Share your experience with peers
Partner Organizations
ONLY $75
  • CanBeWell partners pay an annual renewal fee after their initial acceptance. It is due Jan 31 of each year.