Beat the Winter Blues with TFH

Submitted by Greg Webb

Winter getting you down??

These Tune Ups to help you Lighten Up and Brighten Up

One of the great things about TFH et al, it’s a very nice self-care modality offering many ways to help ourselves as well as others. Many students of these sciences use it more for self-care than for helping others.

So, if you find you are feeling low energy or having a bit of the winter blues, make use of some of the many Energy Tune Ups which this work offers

3 Energy Tune Ups:

(1)  Switch On:

Switches on synaptic activity in the primary hemispheres of your brain. (Left/Right, Top/Bottom, Front/Back)

When done while speaking your ‘Wish Statement” aka Goal, helps to integrate your brain in manifesting your wish.

 How To: Palm of hand on belly button for all, Rub for 10 seconds, Switch Hands, Rub again for 10 seconds:

  1. Rub K27’s. Trace eyes slowly L-R
  2. Rub Top and Bottom Lip (Central and Governing). Trace eyes slowly up and down.
  • Rub Sacrum. Shift your eyes focal distance to objects at various ranges and trace the details of the outline of the object.

(2) The Neurolymphatic reflexes, Chapman’s reflexes are actually Organ reflexes that just so happen to have a beneficial effect on our muscles too. Neuro-Lymphatic rub: a good “wake-r-upper” that freshens you up and helps give you a nice boost of energy.

How To: Look up Neurolymphatic reflexes in your Touch for Health book / handouts or on the internet. Rub all the NL reflexes for about 5 to 10 seconds each, longer if desired. Start at the collar bone and working your way down makes for a nice flow pattern. Tender spots equal “rub me more often please”. The NLs not only are a good energizer, they also: Increase mobility, help you feel like moving. Perk up mental energy, Help detoxify your body from too much siting around doing nothing because its cold outside.

Check the CanBEWell Website for short “how to video inks” on Neuro-Lymphatics and other self-help tips.

Here is a link to a very detailed 94 pg. Osteopathic presentation on the Chapman (NL) reflexes.

 (3) Whole Body Meridian Sweeps is another one of my favorite daily tune ups from TFH. When done in tandem with a wish statement “goal” helps tune your physical and energy body to that manifestation. So, if you are having trouble getting motivated towards something, get sweeping It’s a great Chi Booster. 😀

How To:

Note: trace Central and Governing 3 times each first.

The acupuncture meridians run 3 complete loops of:

Down the Body, Up the body, Chest to palm, Back of hand to your face

The first direction, down the body, provides a nice simple memory peg of “Front Back and Sides” just like the old boys going to the Barber for a Haircut and asking for a little off the “front, back and sides”.

Loop 1 (front) does: Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine

Loop 2 (back) does: Bladder, Kidney, Circ Sex, Triple Warmer

Loop 3 (sides) does Gallbladder, Liver, Lung Large Intestine

Many of my TFH students over the years have commented how much they enjoy doing these daily tune ups which I like to start each class day with. (1) Switch On, (2) NL Rubs, (3) Whole Body Meridian Sweeps.

Drink MORE Water:

Your brain is 80% water. Its primary operational fuels are water and glucose.

Becoming unintentionally dehydrated is a very easy way to develop a sad, stressed, bummed out brain. Poor hydration automatically equals an acidic environment. An acidic brain environment is the easiest way to establish Low Energy, Poor Enthusiasm, Depression, Anxiety and more. So if these sound familiar, Drink LOTS More Water

An extensive article on Brain and Mental health in the November 2017 Scientific American exploring the growing body of evidence which links some psychiatric disorders to low brain pH (acidity) stated ” These findings provide convincing evidence that the link between brain acidity and psychiatric disorders is real.”

Neurotransmitter activity and mood are affected by brain fluid pH. Poor hydration and acidity produce neurotransmitters associated with low energy and poor mood. Well hydrated, pH balanced brain fluid provides the environment which produces neurotransmitters associated with good mood and positive energy. Only water is an effective brain hydrator. Other liquids require water from your body’s reserve to process the water other beverages contain Add a pinch of sea salt and a lemon slice to your drinking ate to increase its hydrating ability. Demineralized waters (Reverse Osmosis and Distilled) are poor hydrators as minerals are typically required to help escort water into a cell.

How much Water per day?

An easy formula for how much water we need per day is: 1 liter per 60 pounds or roughly 25Kg of body weight. If physical or mental activity is high, that number increases. If you are drinking less than this amount, you are on your way to becoming unintentionally dehydrated. Not Good!

Take more Vitamin D

AKA “the Sunshine Happy Vitamin”. It is quite important to supplement Vitamin D during low sun exposure months. Lots of clinical research on this one. Vitamin D is significant mood regulator and immune systems support nutrient. Our body can make Vitamin D when sun shines on our skin. Not much of that happens during winter in Canada. Most seafood is a good source of Vitamin D, as are eggs.

Greg Webb

Registered Massage Therapist

Instructor of TFH and about 20 other workshops

Board member of CanBEWell since 1998

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