5G Call to Action and Information

There is significant concern of the current implementation of 5G Networks and Satellites around Canada, worldwide, and in space. CanBeWell, as an association, would like to raise awareness about how 5G will be affecting our bodies on all levels. We are asking our members to ACT. We can write to our parliament members about our concern, as well as inform our clientele, friends, and family about the concern of 5G and ask them to act.

Listed below are organizations and websites with information that we can forward on to our clients, as well as petitions that you may choose to sign. We also encourage you to forward the article in this newsletter by Linda Easthouse called “How Electricity affects the Body” to your clients as well.


Appeal 5G: https://www.appel5gappeal.ca/

5G Space Appeal: https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal/

MP Letter of 5G Concern:

5G Information:

Canadians for Safe Technology: http://c4st.org/

5G Grassroots Connector: https://solutionsforhumanity.net/5g-grassroots-connector/

5G Summit 2020: Expert Panel Livestream: https://youtu.be/iQKlp7p9lQw (2hr+ panel discussion)

ACEP – Your Health and 5G: https://youtu.be/DovQ2XoBo2s Pawel Wypychowski – The Truth about Millimetre Wave & 5G: https://theemfguy.com/006/

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