Month: July 2020

Enhance Your Learning Skills With CanBeWell

Your new board and Leadership Team takes your education and business needs seriously.  Many of us have experienced significant hardships with the Pandemic and Isolation.  So have our clients, students, family and friends.  Our special programs being launched this week are designed to help you, help us and help the global community with involvement. What …

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CanBeWell Self-Care Awareness Project 2020

Timelines: Marketing for distribution by Special Newsletter – post July 20, 2020 Launch on World Self-Care Day – July 24, 2020:  Facebook Live Events AM and PM Story submissions deadline: September 30, 2020. Sharing stories in print:  blog, newsletters, publication – July-November Celebration Awards – Nov 22, 2020: “More than words: Achieving Wellness through Bioenergetic …

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5G Podcast

Further to our recent Member newsletter concerning 5G, here is a podcast that will provide more information about this topic. In this podcast Dr. Beverly Rubik, a leading scientist and scholar, discusses the dangers of a global rollout of 5G and the detrimental health risks that humans are exposed to through wireless radiation. She explains …

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