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Welcome to the Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness (CanBeWell). This website is a work in progress, created to serve our members and the public while our complete website is  still under construction. CanBeWell is at an exciting crossroad. Our members and the Board of Directors are working diligently towards strengthening and expanding the Association. We look forward to exploring greater opportunities to support wellness through learning, and by promoting our members’ services to the public. We are currently engaged in the new ‘branding’ for, the Association. With our members support, we are committed to creating a future offering choices in wellness for Canadians. We will continue to ensure that we are responding to public interest through this time, and will  continue to support and represent our members from across Canada

 We will continue to release new sections of the website to better serve our communities.

During this time of transition, please contact our Office Administrator for further information about the Association, and our members.

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Join us as we promote and support complementary, natural wellness modalities through education and awareness.

We are the Canadian umbrella organization for disciplines that assess the biofield through some form of muscle monitoring or bioenergetic feedback.

Our Mission as champions for personal choice in health and wellness, our members work together, encouraging ongoing professional development in the field of BioEnergetic Wellness, to better provide services and education to the public.

Our Vision is creating a world where bioenergetic wellness disciplines and methods are recognized, valued, and utilized by people making choices to improve their quality of life.

We are a Registered Federal Not-for-Profit organization, with membership representation across Canada. Our Association is run through the efforts of a volunteer Board of Directors, a part-time Office Administrator, and member volunteers.
CanBeWell is affiliated with other organizations promoting muscle-testing (monitoring) modalities around the world.
Muscle testing, or muscle monitoring as it is more accurately described, is used in wellness modalities like Touch for Health, Natural BioEnergetics and K-Power, to name a few, to determine the neurological flow from the muscle sensors (spindle cells and Golgi tendon organs) through the
Central Nervous system to the emotional center of the Limbic system in the brain stem.  This type of muscle monitoring is not checking the strength of a given muscle, but rather the muscle’s reaction to imbalances within the system.  For example, a muscle test of the quadriceps muscles could check the strength of the muscle. However, when only light pressure is utilized for the muscle monitoring, the sensors address the stability of the Small Intestine organ system that the quadriceps are linked to. Charles Krebs describes this as “Reticular nuclei of the brainstem control the muscle tone, sets the muscular reflex in the body – whether the muscle locks or unlocks.”  There is a link of emotion to neurons to muscles to function.  Our special approach to health and wellness, using muscle monitoring, means that we can address the load reflex that results when a memory activates the brainstem nuclei and sends a signal through the spinal column. This inhibits the muscle sensors and produces an “unlocking” muscle.  With specific techniques for assessment, muscle monitoring can identify challenges in the system that are a part of the subconscious functioning, including the brain stem and autonomic response system (sympathetic and parasympathetic survival programs). There is a link from muscle – to spindle cells/Golgi tendon organs – to central nervous system – to organ – to meridian – to emotion – to brain stem – to limbic system.  Our approach to find balance within the whole person can be reassessed after applying balancing techniques that re-“lock” the monitored muscle.  Imbalances can be related to stress, nutrition, learning challenges, injuries, reflexes and more.Related Terms:**
Muscle Testing:  The assessment of a muscle’s ability to activate and hold with strength when pushed on with force over 2 lbs of pressure.
Muscle Monitoring:  The assessment of the interface between the subtle energetic systems of the body (meridians), and the reticulospinal pathways that link the emotional centers of the limbic system with their corresponding spinal reflex points, organ systems and muscles. Pressure to the muscle being monitored is a light touch of less than 2 lbs of pressure.
Muscle Biofeedback:  The assessment of imbalances in the body by monitoring only one muscle as an indicator muscle for the whole person.  This type of assessment can identify what kind of a challenge is within the system, such as structural, chemical, nutritional, emotional, mental, spiritual; as well as possible connections that reveal themselves through symptoms or challenges.

George Goodheart, DC, began to use muscle testing in the 1960’s to evaluate and correct the state of various bodily functions. As an American chiropractor, he took the study of movement (kinesiology) and looked for ways to correct any detected weaknesses and imbalances. Applying his knowledge, he formulated “Applied Kinesiology”, a system he made available to other chiropractors and professionals.

Then, in the early seventies, another chiropractor, John Thie, DC, created a system for the layperson, making Dr. Goodheart’s techniques simple and practical for anyone to learn. Dr. Thie wrote the book ‘Touch for Health’™, and began teaching courses to interested people. Since then the book has been translated into many languages, and the system has been taught to millions of people in 50 countries.

The techniques have continued to develop – they are still being taught to individuals from all walks of life. Today, their powerful and broad application has blossomed greatly. Many people are dealing with the subtle but numerous imbalances that lie behind all the physical, mental and emotional problems, which are experienced today. One of the great virtues of Muscle Monitoring is its versatility. Muscle Monitoring has become a wonderful tool to receive bio-feedback from the body’s systems, and the related concepts and techniques can be applied almost anywhere, at any time.

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Email:  Phone: 1-888-490-1340


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Our Board of Directors

Michelle Greenwell, President

Linda Orr Easthouse, Vice-President

Cynthia Aldred, Treasurer

Natascha Polomski, Director

Greg Webb, Director

Cheryl McNeil, Director

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